SICB 2019: Urban Gulls Alter FID and Flight Behaviors

Urbanization is a global form of habitat change that alters native habits and either excludes the animals that live there or forces them to acclimate to novel environments. Altering behavioral strategies can allow individuals to quickly acclimate and successfully colonize urban habitats, reproduce and live within them. In two studies presented at SICB, researchers, Dr.... Continue Reading →

SICB 2019: Urbanization Affects the Stress Physiology and Life History of Stream Fish

Urban environments are on the rise, bringing with them pollutants from run-off which alters water temperature, chemistry, and hydrology, ultimately driving a decrease in biodiversity. These disturbances can affect the physiological stress response of fishes by increasing or dysregulating their primary stress hormone, cortisol, and potentially altering their reproductive allocation. Arseniy Kolonin, a master’s student at Texas State... Continue Reading →

2018 in Review

Thanks for following Life in the City in our first year. On this last day of 2018 we (the editors: Elizabeth, Kristin, Lindsay) figured we would take a moment to reflect on the first few months of the blog and urban evolution research over the past year. The Blog Since launching on September 28, we've... Continue Reading →

Urban Lizards on TV!

The Smithsonian Channel and Day's Edge Productions have put together a fantastic mini-series and a full-length documentary on anole evolutionary research. Episode 7 of the miniseries and part of the full-length movie feature urban lizards and urban evolution research by myself and my collaborators, Shane Campbell-Staton (UCLA) and Jason Kolbe / the Kolbe lab (U. Rhode Island). Check out... Continue Reading →

Urban Evolution at SICB

The annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) is almost here! From January 3-7 biologists will convene in Tampa, Florida to share the latest and greatest from a broad range of research areas. Urban evolution talks have a strong showing at the meeting this year, and we would like to hear... Continue Reading →

Urban Genes

Urbanization impacts species in many different ways, including behavior, morphology, and physiology. Although many of the documented phenotypic shifts show evidence of a genetic basis, the actual genetic differences and the genes they occur in are unknown for most urban adaptations. In fact, it seems we know very little at the genetic level regarding which... Continue Reading →

Auditory Resources for Urban Evolution

No matter what career stage you are in- maybe you just stumbled upon this blog, or maybe your works are being cited in it- vision is arguably the most critical sense for anyone intent on becoming a scientist. We are constantly reading, writing, attending seminars, peering through microscopes, and using our eyes in countless other... Continue Reading →

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